About Timothy Feuling

Timothy Feuling is an experienced and knowledgeable insurance broker of nearly 20 years. Insuring over 10,000 families over the last few decades has provided Timothy with a knowledge and expertise to ensure you and your family are well taken care of in the event of any occurrence covered by the said insurance policy.

Timothy is passionate about life insurance and protecting/safeguarding the future of your children and spouse. For such low premiums you can ensure they won’t have to suffer twice as bad (they will be under enough stress and duress of your passing) by having to completely rebuild their lives when they have to move out of your house, sell cars, get trained to work, etc. Life is stressful enough – don’t add the financial stress on top of it all when you pass.

Whether you need auto/home/life/retirement planning/professional liability or most any other insurance policy, Timothy can get you set up and protected by the best underwriters in the biz. With over 3 dozen insurance companies to work with, Timothy can make sure you get the best price with the best carriers.

Timothy Feuling can be reached at 1-858-750-9176 (call or text) or Tim@CallTimToday.com

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