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There are many reasons why it is far more beneficial to work directly with independent insurance agents. Please keep in mind some of these benefits depend on your agent.

In other words, you may have insured with an independent agent at a referral from a friend but this agent doesn’t do any of the things I speak about below. Your agent works for you – it’s like going to a doctor – you don’t just go to any doctor – you go to a doctor that you feel provides great education, takes great care of you and/or your family, provides fair pricing and you get great service. Don’t expect anything less from your insurance agent.

2 Different Kinds of Agents

Captive – this agent works for one insurance company. Most of these agents work for the companies you see advertised on TV. Is it possible you are overpaying for your insurance to offset the cost of billions of dollars in advertising/marketing monies spent by your insurance company to get more clients. Examples of captive companies are Farmers, State Farm, Geico , Allstate, Liberty Mutual, etc….

INDEPENDENT AGENTS – these agents chose to have the autonomy to be able to examine multiple insurance companies and determine which company is the best fit for their clients based on all kinds of factors (age of driver, accidents, tickets, DUI, zip code, multi-policy, discounts available, year of car, etc.). These agents can shop your policy with multiple carriers and share their results with you.

Here are the benefits of working with an Independent Insurance Agent:

1)You aren’t stuck with one option for insuring as you are with a captive agent. You are held hostage to their rates.

2)Your agent can shop multiple insurance carriers to find the best coverage benefits and best pricing for your specific policy needs and factors.

3)Your agent can hold your hand through the entire process of going through a claim with your auto or home or any type of personal injury. This is far superior to you calling some huge insurance company and getting shifted around from one person to another  – rarely talking to the same person more than once.

4)Your agent is one phone call away. If your agent is like me, they will provide you with their phone, text and email so we are easily accessible in any time of need.  Need to add a 3rd car on, great text me the VIN # and BOOM – it’s done.

5)Your agent can do annual or bi-annual reviews with you to make sure your insurance  needs are up-to-date and even shop you with another insurance company if they discover another company has better rates now in your area or for your type of insurance risk.

6)Your agent will provide you with unbiased advice. When you insure with a captive, they have to convince you that what you have is the best you can get. They have no other choices.

7)Your agent can help you insure other areas of your life than many of the captive agents don’t have access to – maybe you want to add on life insurance or renters policy or business insurance or professional liability insurance (malpractice) or disability insurance. Your independent agent has markets for everything!

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